Count your blessings: Blue Monday

Today it is Blue Monday in Holland. The most depressing day of the year if you have to believe the news. Due to failing new years resolutions, bad weather *it’s snowing a lot here, but I don’t think that is bad*, running low on budget, gaining weight etc etc etc.

I just turn blue Monday into a Blue Count Your Blessings

*blue happens to be my favorite color*

Pot from Iceland and fav pic ♡

Pot from Iceland and fav pic ♡

Gispen cup 'Domoor'

Gispen cup ‘Domoor’

Beautiful Blue's (fabrics)

Beautiful Blue’s (fabrics)

My Icelandic Pot, many people think it’s weird but I love it! He / she (what is it?) survived our travel from Iceland to NYC and made in to my home in Holland.

Domoor (can’t translate this Dutch word but it means something like fool) is a design cup from Gispen. Little visitors may use this cool blue for a drink.

The fabric I shopped in Friesland, a great huge store with many many fabric. I choose the colorful dotted fabric that will be a little baby coat lined with the dark blue velours.

More CYB?
Inspired by Zilverblauw, a beautiful blog!

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