Sew along! *16*

The beginning of this year I joined a sew along. An initiative online, organized  due to the publication of a great (for now Dutch) sewing book. Every month the sew along suggests which two projects to make and all the participants show their results and share their tips on this website and facebook.

The book is called Zo Geknipt! written by Sanne & Riet. I like the recipes for your sewing machine, very modern with good explanations of several technics. Super handy for a beginner like me!

January has been kicked off with a cover for a tissuebox. Definitely not a pattern that I would choose to sew, but good for the learning process: it involves sewing bias binding. Something I have done before but still a bit of a struggle. By choosing ‘my colors’ I am surprisingly happy with the result.

The road towards this result was a bit of a struggle (not even because of the bias binding). After I took my cheap *swedish-wholesale-yellow-blue-store* in the airplane back from Germany, it refused to sew normal. I have been sewing with this super basic machine so far, I am still learning so I didn’t see the need to invest in a new one. But now the machine choose for me :-). During the period that I was looking for a new sewing machine (pretty much entire january, that is why this recipe is finished the for-last-day-end-0f-the-month) I was offered a second hand machine from the grandmother of a friend of mine. This old vintage machine is sewing super, so for the near future I’ll use this one! And I was happy that I didn’t have to fail the first month of the sew along…pffff 🙂

Enough talking, let’s look at the result!

A double sighted tissue box cover

A double sided tissue box cover

foto 3-19 foto 2-20 foto 1-20

For the other sew along’ers: I cut out the pattern entirely, so without side borders, just the middle cross. That worked very well for me. The stitching around the opening was one of the points I wasn’t sure of a successful ending but by just winging it I made it! And the bias binding….still not my favorite. I did iron the binding double before starting, that helps a bit, but there is still room for improvement here. But overall I am happy with this kick-off project! Off to the next one!

Visit here my Dutch blogpost at the sew along website. Feel free to comment in Dutch! Thanks for your visit.

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One Response to Sew along! *16*

  1. Leuk dat kleine gele randje! Je bent lekker bezig zeg met allerlei naaiprojecten!
    Het boek met knuffels waarover je schreef is echt geweldig! Ik leer er ook weer nieuwe dingen door. Tip: de patronen zijn wel klein waardoor het soms gepriegel is (ik ben met de vos bezig – sst: niet verder vertellen! – de wolk ging wat dat betreft stukken sneller, die was binnen een paar uur af) dus je kunt ze ook iets groter maken onder een kopieerapparaat als je dat fijner vindt. Liefs!

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