More baby stuff!

This project is already in use for a few month. End of summer last year a friend of mine, very pregnant at the time, came to me with some fabric. And the question whether we could work together on a project for her soon-to-be-born-baby-girl. Of course!
I was happy to have a partner in crime, and someone who needed to choose haha man, that was the most time consuming part!! But the excellent choice of bright pink plastic in a combination with grey mini-polka-dots turned out to be a good one.
I guess it was the second project that I’ve use baisbinding. It always looks so nice but it’s a lot of work. Now my friend got to see it and immetiatly took the role of assistent and helped me to cut an press all the fabrics.
Little bally Ella is born by now and proud mum and dad can use the (half) self made nappybag and changing mat. It was a lot of work but definetly worth it when you see the result!


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One Response to More baby stuff!

  1. adaisygarden says:

    Very nice & practical.

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