Childhood memories

During the last christmas period I’ve spent some time in Germany to be close to my love. He needed to have surgery. It was a moving time so very nice to be together full time. And I’m happy and proud to tell that he is doing very well by now!
To distract myself and to fulfill my creative needs (yep I have that every once and a while) I took my sewing machine with me. Every day when I walked to the hospital I passed the local fabric store. But the first days I didn’t go in, no time to loose but definitely no urge to sew. After a week or two I went in and was surprised by the amount of fabrics they had to offer!! I am fairly new in this craft area and really used to get my fabrics at the local market in Leiden, The Netherlands.
I was very excited when I found fabric with print of the Hungry Caterpillar!! One of my favorite children’s books and beautiful drawings. I realized that this would be perfect material for a baby blanket for one of my friend who is due half of feb of her second child. She loves colors (bright) and I am sure she recognize this cool retro (for me at least) character. I bought the fabric and completed it with apple green fleece, bright red cotton and yellow bias binding.

It was supposed to be my present for the birth of her second child but we don’t see each other that often and when we met last week she was so eager to open the present that I easily gave in… (I was curious to see her reaction) And she loved it! Hooray!
Not long…and the new little person will join us and hopefully will join the warm blanket! He or she is very very welcome!
Last weekend the great news came to me: a little boy Twan is born and proud owner of this blanket! Congratulations my dear friend and welcome little baby son and brother!!!!

20130216-120451.jpg 20130216-120538.jpg

20130216-120602.jpg 20130216-120610.jpg

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  1. Eva Westermann says:

    Super leuk!

    Op 16 feb. 2013 om 12:13 heeft Creationwest het volgende geschreven:

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