Do you want to be my friend?

All the usual readers of this blog know that I’m in the middle of a baby boom (already for a while and not over for a long while). I enjoy making gifts for the mum’s to be and their newborns.

This time I tried to make a bird out of a great book. My mum gifted the book to me when she went fabric shopping with me and I’m still very happy with it. She opened it in the store and showed me the great penguin, I recognized it straight away….but from where? At home I found this in my bookmarks, the great blog of Hop Skip Jump. The same name as the original book.
The Dutch translation of the book is available via this link.
I have made two birds, on with a bell in its tummy, for my pregnant friend and one bird with a crispy foil in the cotton tail so the newborn can grab it easily to play with it!
Both the (soon to be) mums liked the birds, hopefully the bubs will too.




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One Response to Do you want to be my friend?

  1. Wat zijn ze leuk geworden! En wat leuk zo’n belletje en knisperfolie. Mees vindt dat helemaal geweldig als een knuffel dat heeft 🙂 En… welke knuffel staat er nog meer op het lijstje? Ik ben nog steeds bezig met de vos… Oh oh…

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