Sew along BAG *27*

Boy o boy, a bag? A decent handbag I mean….pfff don’t know if I can pull that off. But the other choice of the sew along this month would be a cover for a book. And because I choose the easiest recipe the other,  it’s now time to be brave!
So that is how I motivated myself to start this project. And I had a cool combination of fabrics in my head, grey wool with bright yellow binding and a cotton with graphic print for the  lining…
Step by step I prepared the pattern, you draw it yourself for this bag, and cut the fabrics. In a bit more than one afternoon I managed to assemble the pieces and what a miracle: it really looks like a bag!
And may I please name the great detail of my nametag?! I ordered them online and enjoy using them for my sewingprojects, this is the first one!
Sew along Bag

The pattern comes from this book. You can find my Dutch blogpost for the project here.



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6 Responses to Sew along BAG *27*

  1. Eva says:

    Echt een hele mooie tas im! Kan ik één bestellen? Wel een iets andere binnenkant…

  2. Chuleenan says:

    Your bag looks great! Congrats on doing such a nice job!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Wauwie Im, wat is ie mooi geworden! je nametag kan ik niet zo goed zien. Waar heb je hem besteld? XXC

  4. Maartje says:

    Jaaa mooie nametag IMMI!!! Mag ik een klein beetje van de conceptuele credits? 😛

  5. Maartje says:

    Mooi gemaakt overigens. Echt knap!

  6. Aranka says:

    Suuupercool! Xx

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