Mirror Monday (one day later)

I think: Blogging online enlarges your view to the world. You write about your daily things, but you also read along with others. Even if you don’t know each other in real, your thoughts are with other bloggers every once in a while. Some share happiness, some share sadness, today I join (although a day too late) MirrorMonday, initiated by Roos. She shares her braveness by looking in the mirror every Monday at RoosRustenRegelmaat (Dutch and English)
Yesterday it was the 100th times she looked in the mirror to keep seeing reality.
Roos, my thoughts are with you and your men!


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One Response to Mirror Monday (one day later)

  1. Roos says:

    Dank je wel – wat leuk, nog eentje op dinsdag ook (zo blijf ik in de sfeer :-))

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