Garden party ~count your blessings

The 11th of May was a day when I counted my blessings. (like she does: Zilverblauw)
My oldest sister finished her studies for General Practitioner (doctor). After years of studying and a very rough period she managed to do this. We are all so proud of her, so my parents decided we would throw her a party! A relaxed and pure get-together, outside in their garden: dear friends, music and good food.

See? A nice garden, even with sun! Nice drinks, pretty flowers, a beautiful set table and great food (excellent biological catered by Jana – Deksels catering catering)

And we all missed him, at his place next to my sister… But despite this, my sister shined during her party.
So I counted my blessings.

Yesterday I planted the menu in my mini garden, a little joke of the caterer. ‘Plant it’ she said, and you will be surprised!


What a great reminder of this day! A Big thank you to everybody who helped and partied with us!!!!

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One Response to Garden party ~count your blessings

  1. Janet says:

    Heel lief, dank! Kus j

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