On request – Crochet items

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For a crocheted item on request you can choose between:

Yarn material: Cotton /Cottonmix /Wool /Woolmix /Acrylic
Beanies: Striped /plain – baby size/ toddler size/ adult size / Pixie style
Baby slippers: Up to two years – please mention the age of the baby
Dummy cord: Plain yarn/ with beads
Kids poncho: Up to four years – please mention the age of the child
Tube scarf: Plain/ striped/ mixed coloured yarn
And of course the colours!
Depending on what your wishes are I will make you a suitable offer.
And if you can’t decide I am happy to give some advise.


Beanies - various types

Beanies - various types Baby sizes - from € 7,50 Adult sizes - from € 17,50

Baby slippers

Baby slippers - from € 7,50

Dummy cords - various types

Dummy cords - various types - from € 11,50

Kids poncho

Kids poncho - from € 20,-

Tube scarfs - various types

Tube scarfs - various types - from € 20,-

Cushions - various types

Cushions - various types - from €30,-


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