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Don’t stare – crochet a square – and help!

As you’ve probably seen I love Australia! After my traveling there last year I got to know the county much better. With pain in my heart I see the current situation when it’s on the news. The place where I’ve … Continue reading

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Where is the pot with the gold?

Why do I like rainbows so much…? It’s such an interesting phenomenon… I actually don’t even know what it exactly is … a rainbow. Funny word as well don’t you think? Rain & bow… a bow of rain…no … but … Continue reading

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Magic in Central Park – New York

After exactly 1 month writing this blog, I’ve started the 17th of october I have 2000 page-views today! A special rainbow to celebrate A bit over three years ago, when my sisters and myself all graduated we got invited by … Continue reading

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I just love them

Rainbows! A freak of nature, a beautiful mistake? I actually never analyzed the actual appearance itself. Of course when I was little grown ups told me that at the beginning and the end you can find a pot of gold…but … Continue reading

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